Director choreographer producer  

'We're here because we need each other. 


You're here because you have an incredible idea, event or creative project that needs a little extra help to bring it to fruition with impeccable quality. I'm here because I love working with individuals who are so passionate about what they do, they want to do it brilliantly. 


This is your baby, and creativity can be a wild beast to tame at times, you may need a choreographer today, but you may find yourself needing a better narrative, or more eccentric costume ideas tomorrow. After eight years balancing production, direction, song/script writing, choreography and performance, you can rest assured knowing that I am articulate in my direction, strategic in project planning and malleable as a creative. I love what we do.

So have a look around. Enjoy yourself. If you think we may be able to help each other, then let's chat.'

- Elizabeth Dawson-smith