With a First Class Honours accreditation in nineteenth century burlesque traditions (2014), Elizabeth's flair for subversive entertainment has made it's mark on the vaudeville, cabaret and burlesque circuit, with two Green Room Award nominations for 'Best Ensemble' (2015) and 'Innovation in Cabaret' (2012), a Fields Award nomination for her 'Contribution to Australian Vaudeville' (2015) and act direction for the winning entries of Miss Burlesque Australia 2014 (Zelia Rose) and Mr Boylesque Australia 2015 (Egson Ham).

Elizabeth's dance work has been featured alongside Adelaide Fringe 'Best Music' (2012) recipients, Rapskallion (AUS) 2008-2014, Underscore Orchestra (USA) 2014, Slamboree (UK) 2015 & Woohoo Revue (AUS) 2014-16. 
Through her production company, Miss Friby, Elizabeth's work was featured at the 'Immersed Dance Industry Gala' 2013/14, invited to present alongside top international clowns at 'So You Think You Can Clown' (Comedy Festival Hub 2012) and was a featured finalist on Channel Nine's 'Australia's Got Talent' (2013). Miss Friby has also featured at top Australian festivals, Woodford Folk Festival (2014), Splendour in the Grass (2014/15), Falls Festival (2013-16), Rainbow Serpent Festival (2010-16), Apollo Bay Festival (2014) and The National Folk Festival (2013) as well as high end theatre venues such as the National Gallery of Victoria (2012) and the World Famous Spiegeltent (2009).
Currently Elizabeth works as both a performer/show maker and freelance producer for a range of clients developing work with/for fellow artists and working behind the scenes of major arts festivals and creative projects including The Village Festival (2017), The Town Festival (2018), Leaps & Bounds Festival (2018), Dropbear Films (2018) and The Melbourne Showboat (2017-18).

Adelaide Fringe 2021 'Best Cabaret' Weekly Award Recipient

Adelaide Fringe 2020 'Best Dance' Weekly Award - 'Catch Jazida'

Green Room Award nomination 'Best Ensemble' (2016) & 'Innovation in Cabaret' (2012)
Finalist Field Award nominee for 'Contribution to Australian Vaudeville' (2015)
Act coach for winning entry 'Miss Burlesque Australia 2014' (Zelia Rose)

Act coach for winning entry 'Mr Boylesque Australia 2015' (Egson Ham)

Finalist on Australia's Got Talent (2013)
National delegate for the China Exchange Convention (2012)
Winner of 'Best Film' for short flm, 'Two Breathe', Queen Street Film Festival (2011) 



Absolute Riot

Adelaide Fringe Festival (2021)

High Society and Other F*ckups

Alice Springs Desert Festival (2019), Palais Hepburn (2019), 24 Moons (2019), Rainbow Serpent Festival (2019)

Miss Friby: A Late Night Revue

Alice Springs Desert Festival (2018), Rainbow Serpent Festival (2018)

Bubble Show for Adults Only

Adelaide Fringe Festival (2020/21)

The Promotion

Rainbow Serpent Festival (2018)

Island Vibes Variety Show

Island Vibes Festival (2017)

Miss Friby - All Alone ...AT Last

Bigwest Festival (2015)

Top Spot

Ruby's Music Room (2015)

Miss Friby's Box

Fall Festival (TAS, NSW, VIC 2013-16), Woodford Folk Festival (2014), Splendour in the Grass (2014/15/17), Phoenix Bar – monthly residency (2014)

Two Pound Parlour

Revolt Productions (2013), Revolt Productions (2014), Rainbow Serpent Festival (2014)

Miss Friby's Charming Vignettes

Apollo Bay Music Festival (2014), Rainbow Serpent Festival (2013), Byron Bay Community Centre (2013), Woodford Folk Festival (2012/14), Castlemaine Teatre (2012), National Gallery of Victoria (2012), Red Bennies (2011) Aphrodite's Bordello - Melbourne Fringe Festival (2012)


Dead House Walking (2011), The Village Festival (2012)


Royal Melbourne Show (2010), Rainbow Serpent Festival (2010), National Dance Week (Brazil 2008/9), National Teatre Week (2009),

Cara's Da Rua

National Dance Week (Brazil 2008/9), National Teatre Week (2009)



The Town Festival

Narrative Director (2018/19)

Dragon Dreaming Festival 

Electro Swing Troupe (2015/16)


Vignettes (2016)

Ballarat Laneway Festival

Roving Fire Performer (2015)

Crown Palladium

'Storm Troopers' (2018), 'A Night In Paris' (2017), 'Rock'n'Roll Flash Mob' (2015), 'Stars of the Silver Screen Roving Performers' (2014), 'Wild West Roving Performers' (2013)

The Annual Tarantino Ball 

'Kill Bill Burlesque Show' (2015)

Cairn's Casino

'Sina King's Burlesque 54' (2014)

Electro Swing Club

'House Dance Troupe' (2013-16)

Melbourne Comedy Festival Hub

'Spaghetti Slobs' (2013)

The Village Festival

'Variety Show Host' (2013-14), 'How to woo a bogan cooking class' (2015) Immersed Dance Industry Gala – 'Boots' (2013), Spaghetti Slobs (2012)

Rainbow Serpent Festival

'Synchronised Sunbakers' (2011), 'The Promotion' (2018), 'Ferociuos Fandango Island' (2017)


The Lady Cutler Melbourne Showboat

All Boutique & Signature Event Production (2017-20)

The Town Festival

Narrative Direction & Casting (2018/19)

Rainbow Serpent Festival

Saturday Night Cabaret (2018/19)

Leaps & Bounds Music Festival

'Femmes on Fire ' (2018)

The Village Festival

Sunhouse Theatre Programming (2017)

Electro Swing Club

Casting and programming (2015-16)

Summer of Love

Marketing (2013)

Dead House Walking

Producer/Programmer Melbourne (2011)

Fora Do Tempo Festival

Producer/Programmer 'Opening Ceremony' Brazil (2006-9) Danca no Laboratorio – Producer/Programmer Brazil (2008)

*ALL MISS FRIBY EVENTS are self produced (see above)



Woohoo Revue

Performance (songwriting and vocals) (2016)

Candy Royalle

Performance & Vocals (2016)

Bonnie Love

Songwriting and performance (backing vocals) (2015-16)


Songwriting & performance (backing vocals) (2010-2015)

Kill Ya Darlings

Songwriting & performance (lead vocals) (2012-14)

The Desert Thieves

Performance (backing vocals) (2014)

Underscore Orchestra

Songwriting and recording vocals (2014)




'Catch Jazida' Creative Development/Direction (2019)

Cece Shabam

Web series script development (2017/18)

Andaala The Hooper

Hoop Act

Casa D'anka

Contortion Act Choreography (2017)

Dolores Daquiri

Choreography for Burlesque Festival Touring

Zelia Rose

Winning acts for 'Miss Burlesque Australia' (2014), 'Ruby Blue' & 'Blanc De Blanc'

Egson Ham (Daniel Ham)

Winning acts for 'Mr Boylesque Australia' (2015)

Joana Simmons

'Tinserella' Melbourne Fringe (2015)

Aleisha Manion & Jonathon Morgan

Double's trapeze act for 'Gasworks Circus Showdown' (2015)

Jessie Mckibbon

Fire Show 'Zoo Twilights Program' (2014)

Hayley Murphy (Bam Bam Circus)

Outside Eye 'Hoop Dog' (2013)


Spin Circus Festival

'Broadway Dance'& 'Movement' (2018)

'Performance (2017)

Congress on Undress

'Act Development' & 'Showgirl Lines & Technique' (2017)

BB's House of Burlesque

'Vaudeville/Broadway Dance' & 'Act Development'

Creative Bootcamp

'Circus, Spin & Performance' (2017)

Rainbow Serpent Festival

Cabaret (2016-18), Beginners Tap, Vaudeville/Burlesque Dance (2012-15) Splendour in the Grass – Burlesque Dance (2011-15)

Platinum Health and Pilates

Afrobics (2015)

Crunch Fitness

Burlesque (2015)

Apollo Bay Music Festival

Chorus Line (2014)

Soul Brasil

Burlesque (2015)

Boston Consulting Group

Corporate Creative Development (2013)

Victoria University

'How to get a creative project of the ground' (2013),

Bushwa and Hooey

Physical Comedy (2012), Latin Dance (2010-11)

Kommisar Kabaret

Tango (2010)

Footscray Community Arts Centre

Latin Dance (2009)


'Elizabeth has incredible instincts for face to face audience engagement - people love her shows. She can play an audience very well - and is able to direct her artists accordingly'

- Marcia Ferguson, Artistic Director, Bigwest Festival 2015

'the Friby brand of dance is humorous, energetic, and underpinned by a real appreciation for an eclectic range of dance styles.' 
- The Age, 'Two Pound Parlour' 2013
'A wickedly funny and creative hour of entertainment'
- Beat Magazine, 'Top Spot' 2015
'Effortlessly melds an impressive array of genres to create a mesmerising and enjoyable audience experience'
- Artshub, 'All Alone - At Last!' 2015
'An array of entertaining acts that result in a very enjoyable night'
- Theatrepress, 'Top Spot' 2015
'Unexpected and brilliant'
-Dance Informa, 'Spaghetti Slobs' 2012

'I have presented Elizabeth's work multiple times since 2012. Over the years I have been impressed with her company's professionalism and the quality of works available within the Miss Friby repertoire'

- Ian Pidd, Artistic Director, The Village, Falls Festival 


 'When I hire Elizabeth to work on my performances, I expect to achieve highly polished routines, with a focus on character work and clean dancing.'  

- Egson Ham, Mr Boylesque Australia 2015

'Professional, potent and so easy to work with. She knew exactly what I wanted'
- Candy Royalle, 'Candy Royalle and the Freed Radicals at The Toff 2016
'A professional provocative show with a variety of acts, great costuming'
- Emma Lee Luther, Global Village, Splendour in the Grass 2015

'An entertaining and original piece, as accessible to the burlesque virgin as it is to the seasoned pro'

- Dance Informa, 'Two Pound Parlour' 2013

'Strange and frothy and original and fresh'

- Dawn French, Australia's Got Talent, 2013