My direction is articulate, and often physically rigorous, 

lending itself to character work, burlesque, vaudeville, circus, caricature, clowning, dance and physical theatre.


I work closely with artists to create clear narrative, form and refined style in their work. I recognize an artists’ strengths and push those whilst developing new skills they might not recognize; empowering them to cross genres and become multi-faceted performers.


I love to find the pattern in a performance, and turn it on it's head, giving my work it's unique flair.


Green Room Award nomination 'Best Ensemble' (2016) & 'Innovation in Cabaret' (2012)
Finalist Field Award nominee for 'Contribution to Australian Vaudeville' (2015)
Act coach for winning entry 'Miss Burlesque Australia 2014' (Zelia Rose)

Act coach for winning entry 'Mr Boylesque Australia 2015' (Egson Ham)

Winner of 'Best Film' for short flm, 'Two Breathe', Queen Street Film Festival (2011) 

Directing credits

Catch Jazida - Adelaide Fringe (2019), Canberra State Theatre (2019)

Sequins in the Stinkhouse - Rainbow Serpent Festival (2019), Desert Festival (2019)

Miss Friby: High Society and Other Fuckups - Rainbow Serpent Festival (2019), Desert Festival (2019)

Miss Friby : A Late Night Revue - Desert Festival (2018), Bellow Winter Music Festival (2019), Splendour in the Grass (2019), The Palais Hepburn (2019)

The Late Night Cabaret - Maleny Music Festival (2018/19)

The Promotion - Rainbow Serpent Festival (2018-19)

Island Vibes Cabaret - Island Vibes Festival (2018-19)

Ferocious Fandango Island - Rainbow Serpent Festival (2017)

Confessions of an Aerobics Instructor - Butterfly Club (2016)

Cocktails for Showgirls - The Village Festival (2016)

Miss Friby - All Alone ...AT Last - Bigwest Festival (2015)
Top Spot - Ruby's Music Room (2015)
Miss Friby's Box - Fall Festival (TAS, NSW, VIC 2013-16), Woodford Folk Festival (2014), Splendour in the Grass (2014/15), Phoenix Bar – monthly residency (2014)

Two Pound Parlour - Revolt Productions (2013), Revolt Productions (2014), Rainbow Serpent Festival (2014)

How to Woo a Bogan – The Village Festival (2015) 
Miss Friby's Charming Vignettes - Apollo Bay Music Festival (2014), Rainbow Serpent Festival (2013), Byron Bay Community Centre (2013), Woodford Folk Festival (2012), Castlemaine Theatre (2012), National Gallery of Victoria (2012), Red Bennies (2011) 

Aphrodite's Bordello - Melbourne Fringe Festival (2012)
Table - Dead House Walking (2011), The Village Festival (2012)
Milk - Royal Melbourne Show (2010), Rainbow Serpent Festival (2010), National Dance Week (Brazil 2008/9), National Teatre Week (2009)
Cara's Da Rua - National Dance Week (Brazil 2008/9), National Teatre Week (2009)

Kill Bill Burlesque Show - The Annual Tarantino Ball (2015)

Opening Ceremony – Forro Do Tempo Brazil (2006-9)




TANGO 2014



Bubble Show for Adults Only - Adelaide Fringe 2019

Sequins in the Stinkhouse/The Promotion - Rainbow Serpent Festival (2018-19)

Casa Danka - Contortion Act (2017)

Anndaala The Hooper – Hoop Act (2017)

Zelia Rose – Winning act for 'Miss Burlesque Australia' (2014)

Hayley Murphy (Bam Bam Circus) – Outside Eye 'Hoop Dog' (2013)

Jesse McKinnon (Roustabout Entertainment) - Fire Show for Werribee Open Range 'Zoo Twilights' program(2014)

Aleisha Manion & Jonathon Morgan – Double's trapeze act for 'Gasworks Circus Showdown' (2015)

Fora Do Tempo Festival –  'Opening Ceremony' Brazil (2006-9) 

Two Pound Parlour - 'Siamese' (2014)


Cece Shabam 
– 'Shiela Says' Web Series (2017-current)

Bettie Bombshell - Winning Act MBA 2019

Dolores Dacquiri Burlesque Act (2017)

The Wham Bams - Burlesque (2018)

Joana Simmons – 'Spiritual Gangster (Butterfly Club, 2019), 'Confessions of an Aerobics Instructor'(Butterfly Club, 2016), 'Tinserella' Melbourne Fringe (2015)
Egson Ham (Daniel Ham) – winning acts for 'Mr Boylesque Australia' (2015)

Zelia Rose - Blanc De Blanc (2018), Australian Burlesque Festival (2016) & winning acts for Miss Burlesque Australia (2014)


The Town Festival (Culture Jam) – Narrative Director (2018-19)

Elite Masquerade Ball (Culture Jam) - Narrative Director (2018)

Femmes on Fire/Femme Femme Femme - Music Director (2018)

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